A New Public Realm
A new space open To everyone
Howells has a deep affiliation with the people of Cardiff. The new 9,203 sq ft (855 sq m) of public realm at its centre will create a place for people and nature. Designed around wellbeing, sustainability, inclusion, heritage, and biodiversity it will become a vibrant, welcoming and well-connected public space.
The Bethany
The Bethany
The Bethany
The Bethany
The landscaping is designed to feel timeless, utilising the connectivity to bring people together, along with providing the scope for large scale community events.
Hard landscape
A tapestry of pavings of different sizes, textures and colours will be the main paving contrasting other elements which reference to the history and heritage of the site.
Tree and planting
A series of trees will be planted in the centre to create a new green canopy whilst allowing maximum space at ground without inhibiting pedestrian movement.
Street art and culture
New building frontages and extensions are referenced with hard landscaping bands featuring elements of street art highlighting part of the history and local culture.
Temporary finishes
During the ongoing re-development of the new public square, resin-bound gravel will be used as temporary finishes until detailed landscaping is agreed.
Site layout and
Public Realm Access
9,203 sq ft (855 sq m) of public realm space
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